Monday, December 7, 2009



I am slowly circling around my material possessions
over them is the miasma of energy I have allowed to linger here
no longer do they hold me paralyzed unable to contemplate their fate

now I hold out the burning sage, ring the bell
wipe away cobwebs, but slowly, just a few at first

still tentative and unable to put like with like
trash with trash and categorize what is left of my life

I fear the end tally. The debit from years wanton slackness.
tawdry displays of laziness and greed on my part

my heart knows the material is but a phenomenon
but until I tend to the gorgon's knot of energy that lays about it
I will not be able to free it and see it thus

so I sharpen my sword and turn to Ganapati

o Lord of Categories and Remover of Obstacles...
grant me the vision to clear my dross

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