Monday, December 7, 2009

A Starry Rain

I still feel the kiss he placed
where Brahma enters
falling like the
most sublime of

a delicate moisture
that gathers on the nape of my neck
spilling into my heart

to drop down and gird my loins
with stars anew
in a sparkling stream
that at once lifts me up
and drops me to the ground
limp with passion.

December 6, 2009

No Pussyfooting

No Pussyfooting

I am done
be ing
half way there
I am done
not jumping into the water
knowing it is icey
I am done being
afraid to touch the fire
knowing it is hot
I am done pussyfooting around the Entity I AM

good and done
done and good
no half way
no test drives
no silent avoidance of manifest destiny

If you don't like me
I am done being afraid of that 2

I am not here to win most popular awards
nor am I here for just the good parties
(although if you really must know that is 75% of the Charm of Earth)

I am here to do Work
and Work I Enjoy

No Pussyfooting around
Dive Dive Dive
Into the Surface of Earth Air Fire Water

To Bee the Spirit
I Am...

The Vastness of Space

The Vastness of Space

some ideas are so big
that I sidle up to them in wonder
happy to know them like the elephant
and a blind man
one strange mysterious part at a time
one piece of an idea
so vast and lovely
it takes a lifetime to ride



I always knew I would go home
I made my heart a star
and got down and let myself off the hook

Light emitting initiation
of my lunar female Self
marrying true Love the Sun

I began to awaken
holy molecules
bring back reUnion
and I remember
where my eye left off

No Bliss left behind
I open up into

Sacred heart flowering
past despair

I remember
We are One

Hang Ups

hang ups
I opened the closet door and found myself hanging.
wrinkled with the other things long left there
the funny smell of neglect and thoughts left too long unturned

there in the closet my freedom had been a perception
the dark made it easy not to look

the season changed and I went into that closet
but this time I brought a heartlight
new and shiny, fresh from being repaired

and I saw just how high hung up I had been in that
dark closet

and I got down and let myself off the hook
and went about the day



I was made with a key.

I would open to you
like a music box
tuned in the forge of
a god

I would open to you
spilling out into
the aether
delicate refined
like the sweetest perfume

Forgetting in the remembrance
of the starlight
every strand (one)

Would you turn your gaze
upon me?

Feb 7, 2007



I am slowly circling around my material possessions
over them is the miasma of energy I have allowed to linger here
no longer do they hold me paralyzed unable to contemplate their fate

now I hold out the burning sage, ring the bell
wipe away cobwebs, but slowly, just a few at first

still tentative and unable to put like with like
trash with trash and categorize what is left of my life

I fear the end tally. The debit from years wanton slackness.
tawdry displays of laziness and greed on my part

my heart knows the material is but a phenomenon
but until I tend to the gorgon's knot of energy that lays about it
I will not be able to free it and see it thus

so I sharpen my sword and turn to Ganapati

o Lord of Categories and Remover of Obstacles...
grant me the vision to clear my dross



Oh my God.
wrap me in your arms
remind who I am
show me where to
find my blessings

I bow to you.
surrender the
heart of darkness
to you.

Let me transmute
my heavy leaden
to a body of light
golden and washed clean.

I thank you
and I am grateful
from even my hardest part

knowing you made me strong

and I ask

Oh my God!
wrap me in your arms
remind who I am
show me where to
find my blessings.

Oct 8 2006

The Seal is Whole

The Seal is Whole

You are legion
& I am none
I gave birth to you
with every choice
that pulled me apart
leaving cracks, wounds
& gouges in my soul.

I bled Light
and Called
every shadow
that came to feed
at my dark well.

I release
I open
I close
The Seal is Whole

May 2, 2007

The Bloody Sea

The Bloody Sea

Mother, in your bleeding moonlight tonight
I bathed
I washed myself back together
and sent myself a part
each baby of my womb
lost stricken alone
I sent home
Beloved Ancestors you carried them to the Stars for me
showing them the way
each baby reminded of the Source

I float in the Sea of Sorrow, bloody
loving the little shells and the forgotten ones
saying each name aloud in a circle of Devi's
led by Kalika on a mountain of glittering gems
that rises above the red red sea
the sapphire sky perfect in its contrast
reaching down to meet us and take the pain away

Thank you! and Good bye little Babies!
Hello! and Welcome my living Soul.

I am reminded the tears and wounds only illustrate to us
Our Wholeness

* Date u.k.



the e lick soror of life

the wet hot breath of binah

in her hole Li come union

of spirit made


*I need to go back to tribe and figure out the date this was written

a very special place

my garden...where I will plant the seeds of words both from the past, the present and the future as I look into the alchemy of spirit and extract the Amrita one precious drop at a time...

this is a record of my metaphysical poetry.....