Monday, December 7, 2009

The Bloody Sea

The Bloody Sea

Mother, in your bleeding moonlight tonight
I bathed
I washed myself back together
and sent myself a part
each baby of my womb
lost stricken alone
I sent home
Beloved Ancestors you carried them to the Stars for me
showing them the way
each baby reminded of the Source

I float in the Sea of Sorrow, bloody
loving the little shells and the forgotten ones
saying each name aloud in a circle of Devi's
led by Kalika on a mountain of glittering gems
that rises above the red red sea
the sapphire sky perfect in its contrast
reaching down to meet us and take the pain away

Thank you! and Good bye little Babies!
Hello! and Welcome my living Soul.

I am reminded the tears and wounds only illustrate to us
Our Wholeness

* Date u.k.

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