Friday, January 29, 2010

The Wine

when I was 19 a friend dared me to write something I would consider is the result.

The Wine

Search far and here through mind to feel the pain of life.
Prick thy skin with razor thorns and threats by Man.
Pierced and lonely, stiff child, reamed of all.
A game then,
play to win,
I submit,
your rules......

Take me and I will scream.
The sounds made by my own agonized voice
are the sweetest music to the soul.
To you I open my dearest crevice
blood, torn asunder by the hilt you ram between my legs.
Steel blade thrust and twisted hard withen my organs
white thighs stained dark with the Wine
and in my perfect pleasure at this thought, I am alone
except for thy delicious presence which binds me to the ground.
Beaten and whipped until the body is an abstract painting of whelts and bruises
each stroke of my tormentor's hand destroys defenses
and I submit to the sensual pleasure of helpless mewing.

The dark Mistress and her Lover playing elaborated games
of pleasure and of pain.

As you say, I do will.
Then the time is right, I become your Lord of Might,
tying your body to the ground with the thorny stems of midnight roses.
To taste your blood and drain your sperm
stained lips caressed by the Wine of Life.
Then the letting dance of death
I reach out with a guns caress
Tempted by the final fate to lie at last in deaths embrace.

A tempt and feign we dance
and in this moment held entranced.
I want to scream the increasing pain.
Until I find my passion, all bruised and black.
No more I crave the sword,
take my promise or be though damned.

A cup of Wine is most divine,
a drop or two forever taints the mind.

Nomha Daonnan

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